We Love What We Do

Our Team is made by very talented and motivated people and they all share one thing: Dedication!

The Information Technology and Networks Administration (ITNA) aims at developing information technology and communication at the University of Khartoum . ITNA has the responsibilities of making the policies, programs and plans to develop ICT in the University.

The Information Technology and Network Administration (ITNA) was established by an administrative decree issued by the vice-chancellor of the University of Khartoum. According to this decree the Information Centre, Information Unit in the Principal office and the Administration of Information Network were all demolished and all their duties were transferred to the new administration


Our vision is to serve the University of Khartoum community and the academia at large through providing the highest quality information technology and e-services.

 Our aim is to develop information technology and communication at the University of Khartoum through developing policies, programs and plans.

 We are dedicated to supporting the University of Khartoum in its mission as a leading research and teaching university. In order to achieve this, ITNA will:

     Be responsive to the University's diverse requirements

     Provide leadership and partnership to promote effective use and development of IT across the University

     Be a key enabler for strategic change in the University

     Provide high-quality, robust and secure day-to-day services, while innovating and anticipating the needs of tomorrow

     Develop IT skills through teaching, training and support

 We are located at the University Main Campus, West of the Main Library


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