Our mission includes provision of Internet services, installation,and maintenance of servers routers and network equipments, monitoring and securing the network and attached devices, and ensuring fair and acceptable usage of resources.

Network Scope
The University of Khartoum network is considered the largest among the Sudanese universities as it connects more than 4000 PCs in different geographical locations . It has a Wide Area Network connecting the different campuses of the University; Centre, Medicine in Khartoum, Shambat in Khartoum North and Education in Omdurman along with other units and hospitals.

Network Infrastructure                                                                      
The Network backbone at the central campus consists of fibre ring connecting the various faculties and department at the campus. Remote campuses are connected using VPNs, point-to-point wireless connections or SHDSL. Internet access for all campuses is provided through firewalls and proxy servers. Furthermore, the different. Departments are isolated from each other via VLANs. Open access WiFi hotspots are available to students and visitors in the various parts of the University.