our vision is to developing , improving and increase the digital content in a unique way leaving our clear imprint through increasing our WebPages and uploading useful material like scientific and research papers, academic activities, journals and newsletter in different fields doc,pdf,ppt...etc. Planning to reach our mission.
Our mission is to administrate, update and develop our web sites and make it rich with the digital content by training the staff and providing to them help and support, to encourage teamwork.

Duties and responsibilities:

    To administer, update and maintain digital content
    To execute emergency and protection plans
    To administer preparation for information in the university website
    To administer preparation and electronic information for the digital library
    To administer electronic preparation for electronic publishing
    Any other duties given by the director of the Administration

What you want form IT?


      -  publish a new website
      -  create a new academic staff pages
      -    setup anew moodle acount for proffessors
     -    setup a new moodle acount for student